You Make Me Happy, When Skies Are Grey.



Mr. Sunshine

Can someone please explain to me the concept of Groundhog Day? I mean really every year at the beginning of February we all get excited, eagerly waiting to hear if the hog sees his shadow or not – which predicts a early or late winter..? REALLY PEOPLE? If you ask me, that’s a lot of pressure on one animal especially when it’s already considered ‘spring’ and everyday seems more and more darker and dreary.

I mean I guess it’s a nice feeling to have something to look forward to, but to me it just becomes a disappointment every time I hear another storm is headed our way.

This is why I would like to introduce you to the:

“2014 Long-Range Weather Forecast for Atlantic Canada”

Wikipedia explains the Farmers’ Almanac  “which is an annual North American periodical   that has been in continuous publication since 1818. Published by the Almanac Publishing Company of Lewiston, Maine, it is famous for its long-range weather-predications and astronomical data.”

Think about it, farmers depend on our weather to grow their crops year in and year out – THIS IS WHAT THEY DO FOR A LIVING – so it makes sense that they would be the experts !

So I challenge you to visit the link to the website below with their predictions and as the moths go by let’s put the Groundhog vs. the Farmers!



The Band Wagon

As a third year, almost fourth year, Public Relations student I feel as though it is time to officially jump on the band wagon of blogging.  So here I am ready to explore and see where this experience takes me.

With this new endeavour I pledge to..

1) Not post everyday because who really has time for that… but I promise to post at least 3 times a week

2) Be the most raw and truthful blogger that you’ll read. For those who know me, you know there’s never truly a filter 😉

3) Blog about anything that comes to mind, things such as: Fashion, PR, personal opinions and so forth.

4) And finally go through this new experience and adventure with the readers who choose to follow, I mean there’s no such thing as a one woman party, am I right?

I’m a girl with various personalities which means who knows what kid of reads/post I’ll have in store!