His B-day.



His day.

For me birthdays have always been a big deal, no matter whose it is it is mandatory to celebrate it to its fullest. Seeing it is the day we entered the world, why is it that most of us, especially him,  tend to think of it as just another day? I decided to write this post for two reasons: One. ALL birthdays no matter the age should feel special and that is an act that your family and friends should take upon themselves to do for you. And two. my better half’s birthday is quickly approaching and I’ve been on the prow looking for ways to make him just as excited as he is.

Now ladies, its no secret that when it comes to gifts and presents the majority of the time we know and have put much thought into exactly what we want but when it comes to the mister it always seems to be a challenge. With that I must admit I appreciate their kindness in not “wanting” anything, but really guys it makes our job a whole lot harder. I mean I can only give you a case of beer so many times!

So I dedicate this post to his birthday –and explore with you with that once again the wonderful world of Pintrest has given me for ideas when it comes to celebrating your other half.


1. Theme cakes – because everyone likes cake.


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2. Making all day special with gifts every hour ! (Don’t feel that each gift has to be grand and $$; plan it out and mix it up!)



3. The Man Bouquet 286ae2cb603ebafdf4c6d94f7e34098c


4. DYI Gifts


5. Surprise Date Night – Plan your own personal pub crawl and have everything prepaid for before you get there and a reservation to make him feel VIP on his special day!








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