“But what s’hall I wear?!”

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The Morning Woes 


As I begin my long journey into the professional working world, mornings seem to be my biggest challenge. From hair to make-up and shoes to outfits theres a lot that goes into a morning that effects the rest of your day!

In my past two PR co-ops I’ve begin to notice a trend, I call it the “WTF to WOW”. This trend varies between people. The WTF which includes: people who dress like they just stepped out of grandmas closet, jeans/sweat pants in the office, and last but not least (and surely not limited too) the people who evidently rolled out of bed and got dressed in the dark. The WTF then leads to the other extreme of the WOW.  The WOW includes: the people who woke up at 5 to spend 2-3 hours on their hair and make up along (I mean really, who has time for that?), the one girl in the office that always has the highest heels on no matter what she’s wearing, and again finally, but not limited to, the girl that looks amazing no matter what and makes you want to run home put your Lulus on and hide.


So young professionals, I would like to suggest a trend that demonstrates a happy medium of the two. I call this trend the “I did it,” this trend is a nice combo of the two where you still look fabulous but you only got up an hour and a half to do so. Thanks to the wonderful world of Pintrest, I have compiled a few of my favourite looks that perfectly show the “I did it” look.




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