The Mondays.


Messy Mondays.

Why is it that after a weekend of fun and relaxing, when Monday morning rolls around our hair (or mine at least) decides to have a mind of it’s own? I mean really aren’t Mondays already awful enough?

I don’t know about you but on weekends I use my spare time to actually try these cute and easy styles I see on Pintrest, specifically for days such as Mondays when I don’t even want to be out of my bed. And it’s always the case that it works perfectly that weekend, then Monday strolls in and BAM nothing works.

Maybe it’s because I don’t shower in the mornings, because really I like to sleep in then go through the hassle of a shower. So ladies, sorry gents, I present you with a few of my favorite

“Oh My God I want to shave my head but JK I love my hair too much” hairstyles for those Mondays nothing seems to work!


1. This sleek do only takes a minute and looks professional enough for work.


2. Make your ponytail POP by propping it up with two hair elastics



 3. I just rolled out of bed but still look good, messy bun


4. Yesterdays curls, because day 2 is always better


 5. The low/side pony


 6. Last but not least, the messy side braid



barbie bad hair

Ladies, it’s those days where we need to stick to the simple styles. If you don’t feel the need to shower but are struggling, throw your hair into the sink to get it wet, but don’t wash it ! When you’re having a bad hair what’s your go-to style – share them here, I would love to hear them!



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