Guess Who’s Back … Again!?

Guess Who’s Back … Again!white_header_bg


After 18 years from their first debut international album and 21 years after coming together, BSB has officially went public with the announcement of their World Tour starting this spring.

AHHHHHH! As a ’90s child how can this not be the BEST news ever, not to mention the fact they’ll be coming to the city! EEK! The five men together again for their world tour will have singer/song writer Jesse McCartney (um….YAY!) and DJ Pauly D (odd but okay) as the openers. As the tour expands over seas, openers changed based on location and it has been rumoured that female punk-pop star, Avril Laving will be joining the BSB at some of their shows in the US (sounds more like a headliner to me but hey whatever will boost ticket sales, right?)

Notice how I mentioned ALL FIVE men will be on tour, yes you read right Kevin (far right) has re-joined A.J., Howie, Nick and Brian after leaving the band in 2006. It was announced back in April 2012 that Kevin had re-joined permanently, since the men have been working on preparing to go the “In a World Like This” tour.

With over a 120 shows/stops on the tour, I can say proudly that this Maritime girl is over the moon that they’ve added us to their list. With a little over a month until the concert, you best believe my new ‘most recent playlist’ will only consist of BSB and Jesse McCartney.

Stay tuned for BSB trivia, fun facts and lots of excited/countdown post !

Until then I leave with the BSB Hits Playlist, enjoy !



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